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50/50 Payment Plan

Just Art Prints is pleased to offer our new 50/50 payment plan on all artworks over £250.00 or more.
For more information on this fantastic payment plan please call our team on 020 8529 4406 and to make your purchase.

*Free to use.

*Makes paying for expensive art easier.

We are offering a 50/50 plan designed to help you to own that fantastic artwork without the stress of trying to find all the money straight away.
Our Payment plan gives you 30 days after your initial deposit to pay in full at no extra cost to you.

Your first payment will be 50% of the cost,  then you pay the remaining 50% within 30 days and you can split the outstanding amount into 2 payments of 25% if you wish, or pay the remaining 50% in one go.
**There is a 10% cancellation fee for all payment plan items that are not paid in full before the 30th day.**

*This offer applies to all UK residents over the age of 18*

Payment Schedule & Methods
Payment must be completed within 30 days from the date of initial payment. If the 30 days expire without full payment, your deposit plus any additional payments made will be refunded to you, minus the non-refundable portion.

Cancellation & Other Policies


Now we've got all the information out of the way......
We will discuss your delivery options at the point of purchase.
Once your item is paid for in full then your artwork will be delivered to you.


Once the balance is paid in full then you can purchase your next piece in the same method
Only one item can be purchased in this way at any one time
10% of the total purchase price will be non-refundable in the event the payment plan is cancelled, returned, or exchanged.